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Animal Deworming Method

Apr. 28, 2018

(1) External use

Deworming drugs through the use of animals in vitro to achieve insect repellent effect. It is an effective method for preventing and treating ectoparasites in animals.

(2) Medicinal bath

An insect repellent is formulated into a solution (e.g., 1% solution of trichlorfon, etc.) in a certain amount and the animal is given a medicinal bath twice a year to prevent and treat ectoparasites in the animal. The insect repellent is applied on the surface of the animal to treat the animal's ectoparasite disease. Commonly used 3% trichlorfon emulsion or trichlorfon plus waste engine oil smear on the surface of the animal's body to treat animal parasites and other parasitic diseases. However, the area smeared at one time must not exceed one-third of the total surface area of the body surface. Otherwise, poisoning of animals can easily occur.

Anthelmintics Drugs

(3) Oral

The insect repellent drug is uniformly stirred in feed or drinking water in a certain proportion for the animals to eat or drink, which is a common, effective and effective method of deworming. The advantage is that it saves time and effort. But the amount of medicine is not easy to accurately grasp, and some animals eat more. Some animals eat less and occasionally cause animal poisoning. Such as: levamisole, albendazole, trichlorfon, chlorpheniramine, coccidiosis net (spirit), diclazuril and other anthelmintic commonly used this method.

(4) Injection

The animal is injected with an anthelmintic injection to achieve the purpose of deworming. This method is accurate and effective, but it takes time and effort. Insect repellents such as ivermectin and avermectins are commonly used as insect repellents.

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