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Application Of Florfenicol In Veterinary Clinical Practice

Oct. 15, 2018

Let us understand the application of florfenicol powder in veterinary clinical practice.

1. It is mainly used for the treatment of various infections caused by sensitive bacteria, especially for respiratory diseases. Sick pigs are characterized by elevated body temperature, don't eat food, shortness of breath, cough and asthma; some open mouth breathing, nasal fluid frothy fluid, sometimes mixed blood, skin congestion and small bleeding points, some joints are swollen, some showed swelling of joints, cyanosis of ear and nose(blue or purple)etc.

2. Digestive tract diseases such as salmonellosis (paratyphoid fever in piglets), colibacillosis (yellow dysentery, white dysentery, edema in piglets) and enteritis caused by other susceptible bacteria are characterized by elevated body temperature, mental retardation, loss of appetite or anorexia, constipation or diarrhea, and sometimes accompanied by vomiting.

3. Streptococcus suis and staphylococcosis, exudative epidermitis,other systemic infectious diseases, such as mastitis, uteritis, cystitis, postpartum fever, anorexia, postpartum lactation syndrome, etc.

4. Meningitis and encephalitis.

5. Prevention of multiple system failure syndromes in weaned piglets, respiratory disease syndrome and dermatitis nephrosis syndrome in weaned piglets.

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