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Causes Of Chicken Coccidiosis

Nov. 16, 2018

Coccidiosis often occurs in chickens and is usually treated with diclazuril premix. Let us learn why chickens usually get coccidiosis!

1. Temperature, humidity. when the winter house temperature is lower than 20°C or very dry, due to coccidia oocysts sporulation, the occurrence of chicken coccidiosis is also reduced; in the high temperature and high humidity summer, the chicken incidence of coccidiosis are high, especially in the plum rain season with high humidity. In this period, due to the dampness of the litter, coccidiosis will recur.

2. Health, epidemic prevention, strengthen sanitation and disinfection, reasonable epidemic prevention. Due to poor conditions in chicken farms and weak technical skills, small chicken farms and chicken farmers are not paying enough attention to coccidiosis and are prone to coccidiosis.

3. Intermittent light. Intermittent light is more dangerous than continuous light infection of coccidia because the former will cause the chicken to actively flip the litter and increase the chance of infection, flipping litter also improved the conditions of oocyst sporulation.

4. The management of litter and litter is of great significance in controlling coccidiosis. The management of litter cannot be ignored. The general requirements are: loose, dry and thin.

5. Density, high-density feeding is a bad cause of disease when the density is too large, the air in the chicken house is poor, the incidence of coccidiosis is higher.

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