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Clinical Symptoms Of Avian Colibacillosis

Nov. 21, 2018

Avian colibacillosis is a general term for different types of avian diseases caused by certain pathogenic serotype E. coli. Let's understand its clinical symptoms.

1. Escherichia coli septicemia is the most common type of disease, chicks, young chickens and adult chickens can occur, especially in broiler chickens, sually treated with doxycycline hydrochloride for chicken coli disease. Chicks and young chickens are infected with mental dysfunction, head, neck and wings drooping, do not eat or drink, rhinitis, breathing difficulties, white or yellow-white feces.

2. Enteritis type: manifested as diarrhea, there are pink carrot-like feces.

3. Ocular inflammation type: typical symptoms are anterior chamber empyema or blindness in one eye, causing opacity of the eyeball.

4. Encephalitis type: sick chicken with neurological symptoms, head down, lethargy or hoe, twist neck, convulsions and mutual aid disorders, and finally died.

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