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Prevention Methods Of Burdock Salmonellosis Clinical Symptoms

Mar. 06, 2019

Here is Veterinary Oxytetracycline Injection Supplier talking about Prevention Methods Of Burdock Salmonellosis Clinical Symptoms. 

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1. Clinical symptoms:

Burdock: There is a bovine cow in the herd, it will show no food within 24 hours after birth, lying on the ground, rapidly depleting, often died in 3-5 days. Most of them develop after 10-14 days of age, body temperature 40-41 ° C, pulse increase, rapid breathing, 24 hours after the discharge of gray-yellow liquid feces, mixed with mucus and blood. Death occurs within 5-7 days after the onset of symptoms, and the mortality rate is 50%. When the course of the disease is prolonged, the wrist and ankle may be swollen, and some may have bronchitis and pneumonia. After recovery, there are very little bacteria in the body.

Calf: Body temperature above 40 degrees, showing heat or relaxation, mental depression, loss of appetite or abolishment. Breathing, heart rate increase. Dilute, there is jelly-like mucus in the feces, and some have bronchitis. Some have multiple arthritis, there is heat pain, there are fluctuations in the touch, lameness, lying in severe cases. Some have hot and painful swelling in the back, waist, and chest, and the swelling sometimes disappears on its own, sometimes purulent necrosis.

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2. Prevention measures

Strengthen feeding management, keep the house clean and hygienic, pay attention to deworming and rodent control. In the area where the disease has been found, the yak is used for live bacteria, and the mare is regularly vaccinated with attenuated typhoid fever vaccine of the horse, once a year. Regular quarantine on the stallion, blood collection for agglutination test, negative can only be matched. Found isolation treatment of this disease.

1. The yak is treated with furazolidone (vutrin, 0.1 g per tablet), 20 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, orally (two times). Or intramuscular injection of chloramphenicol 250,000-500,000 IU, once every 12 hours. Oral can also be taken orally. The application of each drug should not exceed 5 days, and one drug is ineffective, that is, it is switched to another drug.

2. Use tiaphilin 1-1.5 g dissolved in 5% magnesium chloride solution 20 ml, deep intramuscular injection, once every other day, for 5 times. Or take oxytetracycline 2 grams orally, 8-12 hours 1 time, and even served for 5 days. Or streptomycin 1 million international units intramuscular injection, 12 hours 1 time, for 5 days.

3. For arthritis, if there is effusion, release the exudate and inject 2 ml of penicillin, procaine, or iodoform ether (l:10) once every other day.

4. When taking the medicine, add 5-10 grams of charcoal silver and 10-20 tablets of food.

5. If dehydration, use sugary saline 1 000-1 500 ml, 25% vitamin C4-6 ml, camphorsulfonate 5-10 ml, intravenously.

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