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Cold Types Among Chicken Group

Jun. 02, 2018

The common cold among chicken group, the initial drinking water will increase, the performance of many chickens showed symptoms of dehydration. Fengreganmao in Chinese, is more cough is more clear, but there will be no "recovery" illusion, generally 1 day early onset Feed intake decreased rapidly in the ~2 days, or even halved.

Second, due to chills and extremities, it causes the chickens to be depressed and flustered, and the movements are not smooth. The lower extremities are cold and hot; the cold is cold, and the thirsty ones are not thirsty and not greedy; the respiratory symptoms are more boring, such as grunts, in which the morning and evening temperatures are low. The mental state of the flock was particularly sluggish. At noon and morning when the temperature rose, the mental state was relatively good, even giving people the impression of "rehabilitation." The initial intake decreased slowly or even was not obvious.

For laying hens, the color of the eggshells in the early period of the cold cold and the hot-cold cold will become lighter, but the cold and cold will be more obvious; while the wind-heat cold will decline rapidly in the laying rate. Cold flu mostly occurs in the winter and autumn and winter alternate seasons; and hot and cold flu mostly occur in summer and summer and autumn alternate seasons.

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