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Common Mistakes In Using Veterinary Drugs

Oct. 17, 2018

Let's take a look at the common mistakes in using the veterinary drug.

Antibiotics are the panacea

Antibiotics are a kind of medicine that is often used clinically to inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, blindly taking antibiotics sometimes plays a counterproductive role. It not only does not play a therapeutic role but also delays the pathogenesis; It will cause great harm to the culture, for example, increase the cost of breeding, increase the number of resistant strains.

The cheap veterinary drug is also easy to use

Some farmers are eager to buy cheap, buy small and medium-sized veterinary drug manufacturers that are not GMP-certified, or fake and inferior products, not only the treatment effect is often not guaranteed, but also economic losses in serious cases. Therefore, livestock and poultry farmers should purchase products informal channels, using drugs rationally under the guidance of veterinarians, and do not use counterfeit products.

The bigger the dosage of the drug, the better.

Some farmers have blindly increased the number of drugs used in livestock and poultry, and the results are counterproductive. The use of livestock and poultry medicine needs to calculate the amount of use according to the condition, body weight, dosage, and the choice of the correct selection of the drug's variety, dosage and taking time, in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, otherwise it will not only fail to achieve therapeutic effect but also cause serious damage

The medicine cannot be used indiscriminately. It is necessary to use the medicine reasonably. The prescription medicine should be in accordance with the doctor's advice, and the non-prescription medicine should be read carefully. The therapeutic effect is not based on the more expensive the drug, the better the effect on the treatment of the disease.

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