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How To Cure Refractory Diarrhea In Hens?

Jul. 31, 2018

Laying hens, especially those that have just started, often suffer from refractory diarrhea with watery stools as the main symptom. This not only affects the production performance of the chicken body, but also causes diseases such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, etc. During the treatment period, the antiviral drugs are combined with antibiotics to treat the symptoms, and the drug relapses soon after stopping the drug.


 (1) The primiparous laying hens have strong metabolism, large physiological changes, and changes in the physiological functions of the body, so that most of the nutrients are supplied to lay eggs, the production of immune substances is relatively reduced, and the body's immunity and regulating functions are reduced. In addition, when the feed is replaced too quickly, the digestive tract is difficult to adapt, causing abnormal digestive function and diarrhea.

 (2) In order to reduce costs, farmers often add a large amount of rice bran and bran to the feed, so that the content of crude fiber in the feed is too high, and the peristalsis speed of the intestine is too fast, causing diarrhea. The higher the crude fiber content in the feed, the diarrhea continues. The longer it takes.

 (C) mistaken treatment of non-pathogenic diarrhea as pathogenic diarrhea, the use of antibiotics alone, the results of large, long-term, repeated use, resulting in the body's digestive disorders and the proportion of normal flora in the intestinal dysfunction, causing drug-induced diarrhea.

 1. Strengthen the breeding and management of the brooding period to prevent the occurrence of immunosuppressive diseases and secondary infectious diseases. Control the feed formula, in the late stage of breeding, the crude fiber content in the feed can not be too high, can not add rice bran, the bran content is controlled within 10%, the stone powder and shell powder should be controlled within 4%, the crude protein content is not more than 16%, salt Should not exceed 0.3%, the feed can not be mildewed.

 2. To reduce bad stimuli, when refueling the hens, it is necessary to gradually change them in three days to prevent the excessive stimulation of the fishmeal and protein in the feed to stimulate the intestinal tract. The amount of quality added, and add 0.3% to 0.5% sodium bicarbonate in the feed, or add 0.1% vitamin C in drinking water for 7 days; add vitamin E in the feed to prevent refueling stress, ventilation Qi, effective in preventing various stress responses.

 3. To protect the balance of intestinal flora, the Saiweijin shield is often added to the feed, which is beneficial to maintain the balance of normal intestinal flora, enhance the absorption function and regulation ability of the digestive system, and effectively prevent the occurrence of this disease.

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