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Diclazuril Powder For Nigeria

Aug. 11, 2018

Our company provides Nigeria partners with Diclazuril soluble powder, Oxytetracycline HCL WSP, Neomycin sulfate WSP.

Diclazuril powder For veterinary use only is a triazine acetonitrile compound, which is a new, highly effective, low toxicity anticoccidial drug widely used in chicken coccidiosis.

The mechanism of action of diclazuril against coccidia is not well understood. The peak period of the main action of coccidia varies with the species of coccidia, such as the sexual cycle of the second generation of echinococcosis in the main role of Eimeria tenella. However, it is ineffective for giant, E. serrata schizonts. The effect on E. maxima is at the zygote stage of coccidia; it is efficient for the small gametophyte stage of Eimeria brucei. Diclazuril also inhibits the formation of sporulated oocysts.

Diclazuril has excellent effects on soft, piled, poisonous, Brinell, and Eimeria, and can effectively control the occurrence and death of cecal coccidia after treatment. The capsules all disappeared, which is an ideal coccidiostat. Diclazuril is also highly effective against E. tenella. According to clinical trials, the effect of diclazuril on coccidia is better than that of other conventional anticoccidial and monensin plasma carrier anticoccidial drugs.

Shimu supplys Diclazuril Solution For Coccidiosis, if have any question, welcome to contact us.

Diclazuril Solution For Coccidiosis