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What Do You Know About Doramectin Injection?

Aug. 07, 2018

Doramectin Injection belongs to the class of antibiotics and is suitable for a variety of gastrointestinal nematode diseases. It is also suitable for the deworming effect of arthropods in vitro. The effect of drug maintenance is long and there is no allergic reaction. Can be used safely for livestock.

The role of doramectin injection: Doramectin has great effects on various parasitic animal parasites, such as itch, mites, mites, nematode adults and stage 4 larvae. It has excellent repellent effect. Doramectin is a new broad-spectrum anti-parasitic drug, which has a great effect on the gastrointestinal nematode, which is a high or twice the effect of common drugs.

Precautions for doramectin injection: Doramycin injection must be in a cold and humid place when stored, do not expose to sunlight, doramectin drugs are not suitable for fish and aquatic organisms, use more After latidrin injection, it is not possible to shower in a short time. When injecting, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for injection to avoid unnecessary danger.

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Doramectin Injection