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Drugs For Chickens

Feb. 22, 2019

Here is Vitamin AD3E injection Supplier talking about Drugs For Chickens. 

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1. Probiotics and EM raw dew

The evolution and use of green feed additives are continuously growing. Currently, microbial feed additives are frequently utilized in poultry. They're all dwelling bacteria preparations containing valuable bacteria and their metabolites. The prior is powder. It's largely used for blended feed; the latter may be used for drinking water, blending substances, direct ingestion or fermented feed, also enters the guts of these birds after ingestion, along with the beneficial bacteria in the gut, forming a solid dominant inhabitants, inhibiting and Remove pathogenic germs, secrete and synthesize a high number of amino acids, vitamins, proteins, various amino enzymes, antibiotics, and growth-promoting variables along with other hormones and nutrients to correct and enhance the functions of different organs of poultry and livestock, and enhance feed conversion speed. It's a fantastic impact on enhancing the immunity, nourishment and growth hormone of poultry and livestock organisms. At precisely the exact same time, it may remove the odor of urine and feces, cure and prevent diseases, enhance the survival rate, capture rise, and reproduction, reduce prices and purify the environment. A run of obvious effects like improving economic performance.

2. Disinfectant

(1) Love Di - 20: is a disinfectant composed of five components (quaternary ammonium salt, formaldehyde, dialdehyde, glyoxal, isopropanol), which is widely used in livestock houses, hatcheries Disinfection of slaughterhouses, utensils, transport vehicles, etc. The use of a disinfectant can achieve five kinds of effects, and the various components have a synergistic effect and have a strong killing effect on viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, and the like.

(2) Huifuxing: It is made by peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide by special processes such as adding surfactants and stabilizers. It does not contain any phenols, aldehydes, halogens, etc. It is extremely toxic, corrosive and irritating at normal concentrations. Once exposed to organic matter or enzymes, it releases nascent oxygen and uses powerful oxidation to quickly kill various kinds. Viruses, bacterial propagules, spores, fungi, tubercle bacilli, and many other pathogens. It can purify the air, thereby blocking the transmission of respiratory diseases and achieving the effect of stereo disinfection. At the same time, it is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Its decomposition products are oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water, which have the function of deodorizing and activating oxygen.

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