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How to Ensure Effective Ventilation In Pheasantry?

Apr. 13, 2018

First, ensure the tightness of the chicken house

The premise of effective ventilation is that the house must maintain good airtightness, allowing fresh air to enter the house from the side wall vents or the curtains in the front of the house.

Second, to ensure the chicken coop in the chicken needs and ventilation

Conditional chicken farms can install exhaust fans (fans), using negative pressure ventilation, increase the wind speed inside the house, increase the average air speed inside the house, speed up the discharge of heat within the house and ensure the ventilation effect.

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Third, the use of air inlet and curtain should match with the fan

The size of the air intake opening should be matched with the fan. The purpose is to make the coop's ventilation even and effective, and the static pressure in the house is appropriate to ensure the wind speed of the coop.

Fourth, create a suitable body temperature

According to whether the flock is eating, drinking, buzzing, mental state, etc. is normal to understand the comfort level of the flock.

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