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Commonly Used Drugs For Poultry

Feb. 20, 2019

Florfenicol Drench Supplier will discuss Commonly Used Drugs For Poultry with you. 

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1. Florfenicol

Florfenicol is the next generation of chloramphenicol, also referred to as florfenicol. Its antibacterial action is very similar to that of chloramphenicol, however, it doesn't have any side effects of aplastic anemia brought on by chloramphenicol. Along with mutagenic, and active against certain chloramphenicol-resistant germs is now a popular antibacterial medication in poultry.

2. Quinolone

Quinolone is a popular antibacterial drug in present production. Its antibacterial attributes are not the same as other anti-inflammatory drugs, therefore it does not have any cross-resistance along with other anti-inflammatory drugs, and it has powerful antibacterial action against multi-child resistant breeds. These medications have powerful bactericidal power, quick absorption within the body, broad distribution, and little adverse reactions.

(1) Norfloxacin: This drug has a better antibacterial effect of norfloxacin niacin, which is often used for preventive drug administration.

(2) Ciprofloxacin: The antibacterial spectrum is similar to that of norfloxacin. The effect is obvious ciprofloxacin lactate, which is commonly used for systemic infections and mycoplasma infections caused by sensitive bacteria.

(3) Enno Tsar: Also known as ethyl ciprofloxacin, often in the form of enrofloxacin hydrochloride to be soluble in water.

(4) Ofloxacin: commonly used is levofloxacin, which has effects on Gram-positive bacteria, negative bacteria and mycoplasma. The antibacterial effect is better than the previous quinolones, which are commonly used in mycoplasma and Escherichia coli. infection.

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Florfenicol Solution

Florfenicol Solution