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How to Prevent Chicken Edema?

Jun. 13, 2018

When feeding chicks, poisoning and lung disease such as furazolidone, salt, coal tar disinfectant, and monensin should be avoided. In the case of a fully insulated chicken house, ventilation and ventilation should be strengthened to ensure that there are enough fresh air in the house to meet the oxygen needs of the body. In the case of edema, some sodium selenite vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B, or anti-stress multivitamins should be added to the diet, and some herbal preparations, such as ascites elimination and kidney swelling ascites, can also be added. Elimination or strong elimination of ascites. Severe ascites, you can take abdominal puncture and drainage, but pay attention to the amount of liquid should not be too much, otherwise, it is easy to cause a sharp drop in intra-abdominal pressure and lead to collapse. You may need Amoxicillin for animal infections.

Amoxicillin For Animal Infections

It is necessary to frequently clean chicken coops, change dunnage, keep them clean and hygienic, and prevent chicken manure from producing ammonia. Maintaining a certain degree of humidity in the poultry house, the relative humidity is generally 60 to 65%, which is most suitable to prevent dust floating and some of the polluted gas from irritating the respiratory tract and cause respiratory diseases, which can cause edema disease. When keeping chickens, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of E. coli and salmonellosis, which can cause lesions of the heart, liver, and peritoneum and cause edema disease. Therefore, broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs should be added to the feed. In order to avoid feeding granules and adding some oil, the oligomatosis occurs when the chicken grows too fast and consumes too much oxygen. The granules can be changed to powder and the amount of fat in the material can be reduced.

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