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How To Use Tilmicosin Correctly?

Jul. 17, 2018

1, pay attention to the dosage form, beware of excessive death

The pharmacopoeia states: The instructions for the use of Tilmicosin Premix injection only indicate the usage and dosage of cattle and sheep. Since the amount of tilmicosin used in pigs is very close to the lethal dose, it is necessary to control the dosage of pigs. Intramuscular injection of 10 mg/kg body weight can cause respiratory increase, vomiting and convulsions; 20 mg/kg body weight can cause 3/4 of the test pigs to die; therefore, tilmicosin is suitable for mixing in pig production. safer.

2, pay attention to the use of dose and time of use

The dosage of tilmicosin is 200-400mg/kg. At present, the content of methicillin premix is 20%, that is, the concentration of 20% tilmicosin is 1-2kg/t. Most manufacturers of tilmicosin use phosphate, tilmicosin phosphate has to increase the dosage and extend the use time, so try to use stable tilmicosin preparation.

3, pay attention to the effect of gastric emptying on the effect of tilmicosin

The tilmicosin tastes too much. If the stomach is empty, the drug stays in the stomach for a long time, and the chance and area of contact with the gastric mucosa will increase, increasing the stimulation of the gastric mucosa. Controlling the pigs for a period of time when using tilmicosin not only enhances the use of tilmicosin, but also avoids damage to the gastric mucosa.

4, reasonable compatibility with other drugs

Tilmicosin can be synergistic with tetracyclines such as doxycycline.

The compatibility of Florfenicol Powder and tilmicosin can also enhance the curative effect. The treatment of respiratory diseases combined with clearing the lungs and treating cough and apricot can not significantly improve the efficacy.

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