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How Do Pig Farms Increase The Ratio Of Pigs To Meat?

Mar. 19, 2019

Here is Multivitamins For Animals talking about How do pig farms increase the ratio of pigs to meat

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The ratio of feed to meat refers to the amount of feed consumed by animal poultry by one kilogram of body weight. It is an important indicator for evaluating feed remuneration. The feed weight is increased by one kilogram of pig hair. The higher the ratio of meat to meat, the more meat is added. Compared with the low description, the meat is increased by less, and the farmers are doing to reduce the ratio of meat to meat. The ratio of meat to meat = total amount of feed (kg) / total weight gain (kg). Today, Gao will explain to you. How to reduce the ratio of meat to meat:

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1. Choose a good variety, for non-self-cultivating farmers, the choice of varieties is very important, different varieties, the conversion rate of feed and daily weight gain are very different, the variety is the basis for raising pigs, Choose the varieties to choose those new American pigs, the new beauty system Changbai, the new beauty system white, the new beauty system Changbai two miscellaneous, etc., these varieties grow fast, the meat to meat ratio is low, you can give priority to the growth of good, disease resistance Strong variety.

2. Choose the brand feed, pig growth, and feed quality is closely related, if the energy level of the feed is low, the pig will increase the feed intake, the greater the feed intake, the faster the pig grows, but the high intake The amount of food will affect the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby increasing the ratio of meat to meat. Under the same circumstances, feeding the pig with the feed with high nutrient level will have a higher ratio of feed to meat and higher attention to the feed.

3. To keep the pigs healthy, pigs are also healthy pigs are more valuable, once there is a disease (respiratory, gastrointestinal, parasitic, skin disease), first of all will definitely affect the feed conversion absorption, the growth rate will slow down, the meat ratio will Increase, the smaller the pig grows faster, the higher the feed conversion rate, the pig within 100 kg, the feed conversion effect is good, the feed to meat ratio is low, in order to reduce the feed ratio more effectively, it is necessary to be 100 kg, 150 Jin, adjust the feed formula later to achieve the best ratio of meat to meat.

4. To maintain a good environment, the pig house should maintain good ventilation and ventilation, clean and palatable drinking water, dry and hygienic ground, summer cooling measures, can allow pigs to bathe, according to the pig's growth law, the temperature can be controlled at 18- At 24 degrees, pig growth is the fastest in this temperature range. According to the situation of pigs, the pigs are reasonably divided into groups. The sick pigs are separated in time. Ten pigs can be placed in each column. Each pig covers an area of about 1.5 square meters.

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