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Multivitamin Solution Feedback

Feb. 05, 2018

Case A 

In October, 2017, a farm in Shijiazhuang, raised 8000 laying hens, started using Multivitamin solution from 6-day age, for 35 days, to stretch the skeleton, increase weight, shin length and resistance.

Tab. 1

Day ageNo.Control group No.Feed intake(g)Control group No.Average weight (g)Control group No.Death No.Control group No.Shin length(mm)Control group (mm)
64000400088656522- -- -




As can be seen from table 1: The use of 5 bottles of Multivitamin solution, the body weight, shin length, feed intake have increased, the mortality rate declined for the laying hens, 35 days can determines the production performance.

Case B

Guoqing farms had 50000 more than 500 days of laying hens is about to be eliminated, in order to increase the late weight, half of them were medication Multivitamin solution and half as control group. After using 15 days, the amount of feed intakes, stool and laying rate are basically the same of the 2 group. Each gain weight 43g than the control group, and the crown red, hair bright. So in broilers or laying hens this product has a certain fattening effect.

Case C

A farm in Shandong Province raised 7500 broilers, 3700 broilers as control group. 

Tab. 2

Day ageNo.Control group No.Feed intake(g)Control group No.Average weight (g)Control group No.Death No.Control group No.CostControl group (mm)

Elimination 362536785115500031963030741220.7+0.8=1.51.1
Total  98%96.8%-115g+166g+48-0.4元

Tab. 3

AnalysisTest groupControl groupTotal
Feed intakes+425.5kg425.5*2.6=1106-1106
Weight gain0.115*3625=416.8416*7.4=3085+3085

Thus, the multivitamin solution in the balance of immunization, disease prevention, especially intestinal disease effect is significant, the effect of late weight gain is also very clear.

Multivitamin Solution Feedback

Dosage and administration 

For poultry, like chicken, duck, goose, quail, pigeon, etc.

Brooding: 500ml mixed with 500kg water, for 3-5days;

Before and after vaccination: 500ml mixed with 1500kg water, for 3-5days;

Recovery phase: 500ml mixed with 1000kg water, for 3-5days;

Increased eggshell quality: 500ml mixed with 1000kg water, for 3-5 days;

Before slaughter:500ml mixed with 500kg water, for 7-10days.