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Points of Layer Chicken Change Groups

May. 20, 2018

We are animal drug manufacturer in China. Animal water soluble powder is used effectively among chicken. Today we will talk about the points during the layer chicken change groups.

First, the time must be appropriate Layer chickens generally start production around the age of 20 weeks, in order to be familiar with the environment as soon as possible, and make it a harmonious group, generally at the age of 18 weeks to switch to the group, otherwise it will affect the egg production.

Second, the chicken coop environment to do a good job in winter laying hens 2 to 3 days before admission, it is necessary to warm up the hen house in advance to make it consistent with the original chicken house temperature. The field is sterilized with 40% formaldehyde solution or 50% sulphate solution.

Third, to prevent stress transfer work in the winter at warm noon, summer in the cool morning. Bring the chicken to an empty stomach before switching to the group. Add appropriate amount of antibiotics to the feed 3 to 5 days after the transfer, so as to prevent the chicken from adapting to the environment.

Fourth, we must reasonably check the flock before the group is transferred to groups, according to the size of the chicken grouping, in order to take relative management measures.

5. Add 3 to 5 days after adding the vitamin hens to the group. Add appropriate amount of multivitamins to the hens' broiler to increase the disease resistance of the chickens.

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