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Precautions for Poultry Feeding By Water

May. 11, 2018

These are some tips for animal water soluble powder. After the administration of water: the drug is dissolved in drinking water, allowing poultry to drink freely. Is a commonly used better method of administration, especially for large doses.

1. Water quality: The pH and hardness (content of metal ions) in drinking water have a greater impact on the drug. Most of the antibiotics have poor stability in aqueous solutions of acidic or alkaline acids. Metal ions can also affect drugs due to complexation. Efficacy.

2. Water Supply Equipment: Certain drugs, such as erythromycin and vitamin B complexes, often cause malfunctions of the nipple-type water supply equipment after feeding, resulting in water supply difficulties or lack of water. Certain drugs (such as copper sulphate) are corrosive and must be protected against damage to the equipment.

3. Fractionated drinking and all-day drinking: the amount of the day's administration will be 1 to 2 times to arrange the feeding period, the concentration of its liquid is higher, the liquid is used up within the required time, and normal water supply is resumed during the rest of the time. All-day drinks will be administered to the water for free drinking throughout the day. The

4. Odours affect drinking water: Some drugs may affect the desire to drink due to the presence of odor, and special attention should be paid to the hot season.

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