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Prevention Measures Of Ascariasis

Dec. 01, 2018

When pigs have ascariasis, they are usually treated with albendazole suspension for gastrointestinal roundworms, but certain preventive measures can prevent pigs from recurring ascariasis. Let us know about it!

1. Regular deworming: Completely deworming twice a year, once a day after weaning, and then 1-2 times every 1.2-2 months. The feces are often cleaned, and the pig manure is piled up for fermentation or subjected to bioheat treatment to destroy the eggs. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of drinking water.

2. Keep the feed water clean. The pigs are fed with the pre-fermented feed, and the locust eggs will all die after 24 hours of feed fermentation (52°C).

3. Feeding weaned piglets with nutrient-rich feeds containing protein, vitamins and minerals to enhance the disease resistance of piglets.

4. Keep the pig house and the playground clean. It is often disinfected with 20%-30% hot grass ash or sodium hydroxide solution. In addition, the eggs can be killed by using 2% to 5% hot alkaline water (65°C or higher), quicklime or hot water.

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