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Prevention of Avian Colibacillosis

Nov. 29, 2018

In poultry farms with good sanitation, the damage caused by colibacillosis is small, but in poultry farms with poor sanitation, poor ventilation and poor management, it can cause serious economic losses. Usually, after the coliform disease occurs in the flock, it can be treated with a drug like florfenicol powder. Let's take a look at how to prevent colibacillosis!

1. Strengthening hygiene: Strengthening hygiene is the key to preventing colibacillosis disease. First of all, we should improve the conditions of the breeding environment, strengthen the management of the chickens, improve the ventilation conditions of the chicken houses, conscientiously implement the sanitary and epidemic prevention measures of the chicken farms, and control the occurrence of respiratory diseases such as mycoplasma.

2. Immunization: In recent years, colibacillosis polyvalent aluminum hydroxide seedlings, propolis seedlings and multi-fueled adjuvant seedlings have been used, and good preventive effects have been achieved.

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