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Our Company's Three-Day Event

Sep. 13, 2018

On March 25-28, 2018, Shimu Pharmaceutical started three-days activities in Zhangjiakou about“with one heart • the same direction can go further, cooperate with the pastoral cooperation and quote;

                                                                            with one heart • the same direction can go further

The first stop---Hebei Ganxin Animal Husbandry Co.Ltd.

Ganxin Animal Husbandry company is based on the agro-ecological cycle industry. it has been cooperating with Shimu Pharmaceutical for more than 2 years. during the period, Lu Jidong, regional manager of Shimu Pharmaceutical, supported the company's products, technical services and solved various problems encountered in their breeding. with the support of Chairman Zhao HaiCheng. the two companies exchanged views on the prevention and treatment of poultry diseases. they achieve consensus and share management experience in breeding.

 Shimu Pharmaceutical with Ganxin Animal Husbandry company

The second stop --- condolences to poor students.

Mr. Zhao as the chairman of Shimu Pharmaceutical, thanks to his hometown, not forgetting his hometown, always pay attention to the educational development of his hometown. he came to the primary school in the town center to greet the poor students and attend the donation ceremony. Zhao Haicheng, Chairman of Shimu Pharmaceutical company, inquired about the children's learning situation in detail, he donated 57 sets of down jackets and 57 pairs of sports shoes, these reses worth 20,000 yuan, it will improve the education level of children.

   condolences to poor students”

The third stop --- bonfire party, ignited the climax of the trip.

In the development of animal husbandry, Shimu Pharmaceutical's strong technical strength and strong company strength will continue to lay the foundation for product structure and technology advancement, ensuring stable product quality and remarkable curative effect.

bonfire party

 Shimu Pharmaceutical”