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How To Treat Infectious Diseases Of Beef Cattle?

Mar. 08, 2019

Here is Florfenicol Solution manufacturer talking about How To Treat Infectious Diseases Of Beef Cattle. 

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In the lack of exercise in beef cattle production, the autoimmune power is declining, and the occurrence of the disease is inevitable. Several diseases that are common now are as follows:

Florfenicol Solution For Bacterial Disease

infectious disease:

1. Foot-and-mouth disease: It is popular throughout the year.

[Symptoms] The body temperature rises to 40-42 degrees, the oral mucosa is red and swollen, there are blisters, and after the onset of the disease, antiviral drugs are injected for 5 days for one course of treatment, 2-3 courses. Oral inflammation with the green + chain (16 million + 5 million + immunoglobulin 30m1) hit the oral inflammation disappeared.

2. Infectious pleuropneumonia: mainly prevalent in beef cattle during feeding, poor environment, in transit.

[Symptoms] Acute, abdominal breathing, typical pleural pneumonia symptoms, high fever, fluid or purulent nasal fluid, due to difficulty breathing, it is easy to make a "squeaky" sound, palpation between the intercostal pain.

Chronic: Good or bad appetite, often dry cough, edema in the chest and lower abdomen.

[Treatment] Treatment with Florfenicol Solution. Treated with compound lincomycin hydrochloride + nucleotide.

3. Bovine viral diarrhea: the main epidemic 4-24 months of age in the winter and spring rendezvous.

[Symptoms] Acute, sudden onset, the elevated body temperature of 40-42 degrees, nasal mucosal ulceration; tongue epithelial necrosis, exhaled odor, sub-heavy diarrhea, watery, fibrous pseudomembrane, and blood.

Chronic: characterized by persistent or intermittent diarrhea and ulceration of the oral mucosa, some skin cleft, limited hair loss, and epidermal keratinization.

[Treatment] When the condition is vaccinated, the antibiotics and the immunological drugs are used for the disease. Because of the long-term poisoning, the application of Huanglian Jiedu Powder + Zhizhi Powder is used.

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