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Treatment of Animal Bacterial Disease

Jun. 09, 2018

In this news, we would like recommend you a medicine, Florfenicol Powder. Florfenicol Powder for bacterial disease is very useful. Other treatment pls look at the following tips.

1. The use of animal bacterial disease must follow the principle of as narrow a spectrum as possible, and broad-spectrum antibiotics should not be used with narrow spectrum antibiotics.

2. The duration of bacterial disease, for the first time, try to choose 6 to 8 o 'clock in the morning, so when the bad condition of the chicken body nutrition, easy to infringe on e. coli, e. coli and corresponding cell wall is thinner, drugs can give full play to the role.

3. Bacterial disease number of medication use twice a day at least, because of, the propagation speed of e. coli express, about 18-20 minutes to breed, if, medication too little number, such as drugs) drug use time is too short, the degradation of the drug concentration may for as the body decreases, the drug concentration reach treatment concentration and regenerates the e. coli to breeding, resistant and is likely to.

Two or more doses can avoid this.

4. The course of treatment of bacterial disease must be sufficient. Generally, the course of treatment of bacterial disease with HBV should be over 5-7 days.

5. The dosage of bacterial disease should be sufficient. If the dosage is insufficient, it will provide the bacterial disease with the opportunity to survive and survive, making the treatment difficult to be effective.

6. The original disease must be treated timely and accurately, and only in this way can the treatment of bacterial disease be effective.

7. Probiotics and other microbial preparations have a very objective effect on the treatment and recovery of escherichia coli diseases, especially the addition of probiotics after treatment is of great significance for the adjustment of intestinal flora imbalance.

8. After the use of escherichia coli, it is advisable to continue to add high dosage of electrolytic multidimensional element, etc. to promote the elimination of escherichia coli toxin, so as to restore the body's resistance.

9. Poor management such as poor ventilation, excess ammonia, low humidity, temperature, density is too large, nutritional imbalance, stress, etc will promote escherichia coli disease, so the treatment to strengthen these areas.

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