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Are You Using Ivermectin Correctly?

Oct. 24, 2018

In the usual deworming, do you use ivermectin correctly?

1. Ivermectin solution cannot bean intramuscular injection.

Ivermectin (or avermectin) can only be administered orally, subcutaneously or externally, but many people have injected it intramuscularly. This method is wrong. Firstly, it is impossible to have a better deworming effect. Secondly, the cow is more irritating, the cow will have a strong pain, and finally, the injection site is prone to purulence.

2. Ivermectin solution subcutaneous injection is better.

Many people like to use ivermectin (or avermectin) in combination because it is more convenient. Because ivermectin is insoluble in water, it is not as good as subcutaneous absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, there are more unstable factors in oral administration, so the effect of subcutaneous injection is better. It is recommended to have a conditional cattle farm and should take a subcutaneous injection.

3. No deworming drug is omnipotent.

Many people think that ivermectin bolus for veterinary use is a good thing. Although it is a broad-spectrum deworming drug, it is not effective against all parasites, and it is not effective against aphids, trematodes and protozoa. No deworming drug is omnipotent. Different deworming drugs should be used in stages or combined according to the actual situation of the cattle farm.

4. The key to deworming is not medication but the environment.

In the case of poor hygiene in the barn, it is very conducive to the spread and growth of the parasite. Therefore, the key to deworming is not to use medicine, but to do a good job in the sanitation and disinfection of the cow-house, giving the cow a good living environment. Especially during the deworming, the cows must be sanitized and disinfected to prevent the eggs from remaining in the barn and continue to cause infection to the cattle.

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