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Aspergillus Is A Ghost In Pig Disease

Mar. 20, 2019

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1. It is like viral diarrhea.

Let the pigs be tidy, regardless of size. Individuals will also vomit.

But viral diarrhea is transient, coming fast, going fast, about a week of the epidemic, and then naturally recovering. Vomiting caused by viral diarrhea can be quite severe and rarely occurs sporadically.

Diarrhea caused by Aspergillus has no recovery period. It starts from the first head of diarrhea and spreads to the whole group. Ten days and a half have passed, and the most powerful one is the first one.

2. It is like pleuropneumonia.

After the death, the nose bleeds, and it is difficult to breathe before death, and the abdomen bulges.

After pleural pneumonia, the blood on the nose of the pig comes from the lungs and will have a fever before death.

In pigs with aspergillosis, the blood on the nose is from the stomach, the ulcer is severe, and the stomach is perforated. Do not have a fever before death. Difficulty breathing, asthma, is caused by abdominal swelling.

3. It is like Clostridium.

In fact, many pigs died of Clostridium perfringens by it.

In order to detoxify, pigs have long-term diarrhea and loss of beneficial bacteria, so that Clostridium perfringens has been drilled.

Because my fat pigs are fed the finished material, this bloating has not been seen. So in the previous post about bloating, only the piglet and the ring were mentioned, not mentioned, but I used an "equal" word in the back.

4. It is like vaginitis and metritis in sows.

Vaginitis and metritis in sows are caused by mechanical damage and are not contagious.

For fungal diseases, almost all of the sows are white, and the genitals are white powder.

5. Also, like some parasitic diseases and Eperythrozoon. Because Aspergillosis can also cause whitening of the skin.