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Commonly Used Drugs For Animals

Feb. 16, 2019

Here is Animal Water Soluble Powder manufacturer talking about commonly used drugs for animals. 

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In recent years, the use of veterinary drugs has become more and more extensive, and clinical or medical drugs have been widely utilized in the rise of poultry. The safety problem needs to be considered, which isn't only directly linked to poultry security but also in poultry products. The medication residues in humans are introduced to humans. The following are some of the Widely Used drugs:


As a macrolide, it replaces the traditional erythromycin thiocyanate, which includes a powerful bactericidal effect, rapid oral absorption, peak plasma concentration 2 hours after oral administration, and extended maintenance time, and it isn't simple to create drug resistance. It's toxic side effects and decent water solubility and can be mainly used for the prevention and treatment for chronic respiratory diseases in poultry.

2.Guaiacol sulfonate doxycycline

For tetracyclines, it's a high-tech method to synthesize doxycycline and guaiacol sulfonic acid to produce guaiacol sulfonic acid doxycycline, which has double pharmacological effects and overcomes the clinical effects of doxycycline.


Since chloramphenicol can cause human agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia, and hemolytic anemia, it's a deadly effect on humans and is banned in all food animals. Therefore, chloramphenicol, that has been originally widely used for the prevention and treatment of avian salmonellosis, has also faded out of poultry drugs and has produced a drug that does not cause deadly effects on humans, thiamphenicol, as a substitute for chloramphenicol. Even though it doesn't result in aplastic anemia, the antibacterial spectrum is lower compared to that of chloramphenicol.

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