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Identification Of Porcine Diarrhea From Clinical Symptoms And Pathological Changes

Mar. 15, 2019

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1. Piglet jaundice: discharge yellow pulpy dilute feces, containing small pieces of curd, quickly lose weight, coma and die. The gastrointestinal tract is swollen, there is a lot of yellow liquid content and gas, the intestinal mucosa is acute catarrhal inflammation, and the small intestine wall is thin.


2. Piglet white sputum: The stool is milky white or grayish white, slurried or pasty, stinking and sticky. There is a catarrhal inflammatory lesion in the intestinal mucosa.

3. Piglet red sputum: Excretion of blood sample dilute, containing necrotic tissue fragments. The jejunum is dark red, the mesenteric lymph nodes are bright red, there is small bleeding on the edge of the spleen, and the kidney is grayish white.

4. Swine dysentery: loss of appetite, soft stools, strips of mucus on the surface, yellow soft or watery stools until the stool is full of blood and mucus. The mucosa of the large intestine is swollen and covered with mucus and cellulose with blood clots. The contents are soft to thin and mixed with mucus, blood and tissue fragments.

5. Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis: Piglet stools are yellow, green or white and may contain undigested curds. Adult pigs have vomiting and gray-brown watery diarrhea. The fundus mucosa is hyperemia, hemorrhage, mesenteric congestion, lymph node swelling, and the intestinal wall becomes thin and translucent.

6. Porcine epidemic diarrhea: watery diarrhea, severe dehydration, depression, loss of appetite. The small intestine is dilated, filled with yellow liquid, mesenteric congestion, mesenteric lymph node edema, and small intestine villi shortened.

7. Piglet paratyphoid: The skin of the ear, chest, abdomen, and hindquarters is purple-red, the stool is foul-smelling, pale yellow or yellow-green, mixed with blood, necrotic tissue or cellulose flakes. Splenomegaly, hard texture, dark purple-red, systemic lymph node congestion, swelling, mesenteric lymph node swelling.

8. Porcine rotavirus disease: fecal water or mushy, dark or dark. The stomach wall is flaccid, filled with curd and milk, the small intestine wall is thin, extensive bleeding, and mesenteric lymph nodes are enlarged.

9. Porcine coccidiosis: watery or fatty diarrhea, feces from pale yellow to white, stench. Cellulose necrotic enteritis, focal ulcers.

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