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Prevention of Common Diseases in Winter

Feb. 03, 2018

Common diseases in winter are mostly viral diseases, some of farms appear H9, here to remind the farms how to do a good job in the prevention and control of viral diseases.

Be guard three doors: the main entrance, the door of the house, inlet; disinfected and prevent thief wind invasion, while anti-rat and bird, to prevent the spread of both bird flu and Newcastle disease.

Prevention of Common Diseases in Winter

Broiler winter common disease 

1. Ascites syndrome, mainly harm to the fast growth broilers, more common in 4 to 5 weeks of age, the incidence is generally 5 to 10%, is the most serious winter chicken disease. The main symptoms are abdominal distension, head and face purple, breathing difficulties, and graduallybecome feeble and die.

2. Chronic respiratory disease, the main symptoms are runny nose, sneezing, and gradually developed into cough and breathing difficulties, tracheal rales. Mortality of 4 to 8 weeks chicks is above 30%. 

3. Infectious laryngotracheitis, all kinds of day-old chickens can be infected for this disease, especially for adult chickens. Clinical characteristics are breathing difficulties, increased respiratory rate, severe chicken cough with bloody discharge or blood clots, conjunctivitis eyes, tears, laryngeal often has cheese-like secretions and blood clots, severe blockage of the throat caused choking death.

Prevention of Common Diseases in Winter

4. Infectious bronchitis, a higher incidence of multiple this disease for more than 6 weeks old chickens, chick chickens more serious. The disease occurs with mouth breathing, cough, tracheal rales, sneezing, runny nose, lethargy. 6 months old chicken or more symptoms are not obvious. Egg laying hens significantly decreased egg production, and produce soft-shelled eggs or malformed eggs or eggshell rough.

5. HPAI ( highly pathogenic avian influenza) chickens and ducks are more common, the clinical manifestations of increased body temperature, swollen head, increased eye secretions, the crown and the flesh edge purple black necrotic spots, dyspnea, egg production significant decline.

6.Chicken head syndrome, broilers, breeders, commodity hens can occur, common in broilers. Head and face, jaw and jowl swelling, or shaking head, torticollis and other neurological symptoms.

Prevention of Common Diseases in Winter