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Scientific Pig Breeding

Jun. 21, 2018

Qian Yongzhong, a researcher at the Agricultural Quality Standard Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Industry of China, said that China regularly organizes regular monitoring of national agricultural product quality and safety, and tests for possible illegal additives such as drug residues and lean meat extracts in pork. The results show that in 2016, The qualified rate of pork quality and safety monitoring was 99.5%, and the qualified rate of pork quality and safety monitoring in the first three quarters of 2017 was 99.8%. In general, the quality and safety of pork products are guaranteed, and consumers can rest assured that they can consume. Regarding pork quality and safety issues that consumers care about, experts in hog farming and feed veterinary drug safety give answers to several key questions.

How can a pig be slaughtered for six months now, and can grow to 200-300 pounds?

Wang Lixian, a researcher at the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that science pigs can both maintain quality and ensure quantity. At present, the normal breeding cycle of pigs is generally 150-180 days. The main reason for the rapid growth of pigs and the short fattening cycle is "three goods", namely good pigs, good feed, and good circulation, that is, good pig breeds, safe feed nutrition, and improved aquaculture environment.

Commercial pig production is mainly a three-way hybrid of Duroc, Landrace and Dabai. The pigs of these high-quality breeds have normal slaughter in about 160 days, and the pigs of better foreign breeds have shorter production period. Pigs using local breeds for cross-breeding have a relatively long time to grow and the average breeding cycle is 180-200 days.

 Different fattening stages before the slaughter of pigs, the amount of feed fed is different, the total feeding amount is about 300 kg. If you don't feed only the traditional pig food such as grains, ragweed, etc., the pig's growth cycle will increase by at least one month. The development and application of modern feed and feed additives such as Olaquindox Premix, Olaquindox Premix Improve Feed Conversion Rate, reduced the cost of raising pigs in the production of pigs, and laid a solid scientific foundation for the pig industry to obtain good social and economic benefits.

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