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How to Prevent Diarrhea in Newborn Piglets?

Jun. 25, 2018

First, the newborn piglets diarrhea how to do: Newborn piglets diarrhea prevention and treatment methods.

The diarrhea of neonatal piglets caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli is predominantly observed on days 0-4 and can occur within 2-3 hours after the birth of the piglet. The reason is that the piglet sucked the skin, nipple, and colostrum of the sow contaminated by the pathogenic E. coli from the uterus to the feeding period, and the incidence was higher in the winter and spring than in the summer and autumn. Symptoms of piglets discharge yellow water samples or glycolytic diarrhea, smelly, diarrhea and dust often stick together in the environment to form attached to the pig's tail and around the anus, the diseased pigs are generally in good spirits, by the production of sows The incidence of piglets is higher than that of the first-born sows. The reason is that the sows of the sows are more developed and the nipples are thicker. Therefore, the colostrum is more susceptible to the pathogenic E. coli in the environment. Symptoms of dehydration are rarely seen in diseased pigs, such as timely treatment and rare deaths.

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Prevention: Keep the rest area of the sow to be dry and clean. Wipe the breasts with mild disinfectant after delivery and squeeze out the first milk. Two weeks before and four weeks before the injection of inactivated E. coli vaccine, there is a good effect to improve the level of colostrum antibody to prevent diarrhea in newborn piglets.

Second, the causes of neonatal piglet diarrhea: newborn piglet diarrhea and hypoxia related (pig technology)

Causes of piglet hypoxia:

(a) Piglets with congenital pneumonia

(b) No immediate decidua of piglets born

(C) Sow production process is too long

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