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Symptoms And Prevention Methods Of Cattle Cataract

Mar. 05, 2019

Here is Veterinary Use Injection Supplier China talking about Symptoms and prevention methods of cattle cataract. 

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Clinical symptoms:

Visually impaired, the pupils are pale gray or white. In the night or in the darkroom, the fluorescent color of the fundus cannot be seen from the pupil, and walking does not avoid obstacles.

Diagnostic points:

Visually impaired, walking without obstacles, pupils gray or white.


Do a good job in feeding management, do not damage your eyes. For some poisoning (ergots) or infectious diseases (bovine catarrhal fever, influenza, etc.), you should first prevent it from happening. If it has occurred, you should take care of it and avoid cataract. If a cataract has occurred, because the lens is in the eyeball, once the diagnosis is made, the drug is ineffective. Although it can be used for crystal removal according to the medical method, there is no artificial lens, and the animal owner is more reluctant to undergo surgery.

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