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Why Chicken Get Diarrhea Easily In Summer?

Jun. 27, 2018

1, The weather is hot, the house temperature is higher, the increase in the amount of drinking water in the flock leads to atrophy of the intestinal villi, so that the contact area of food and villi is reduced, affecting the absorption of nutrients, but also conducive to the proliferation of bacteria, causing diarrhea.

2, Summer coccidiosis, coccidiosis caused by intestinal endometrial damage, so that the body's intestinal inflammation, and the endothelium caused by damage to the coccidia eggs to create conditions. Jiangsu chicken trough manufacturers said that coccidia interacts with enteritis to aggravate each other's condition. Viral, bacterial infections.

3, Caused by disorderly use of antibiotics leading to imbalance of intestinal flora.

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4, Chickens have poor disease resistance and immunosuppressive diseases.

5, The activity of the enzyme in the chicken's gastrointestinal tract during development and maturation is poor, but the nutritional needs are relatively high, the burden on the intestine is heavy, resulting in poor gastrointestinal regulation and immune function is relatively immature.

6. As most farmers use shallow well water, that is drinking surface water. Temperatures are hot and cold, and rain increases. As a result, chickens are more likely to drink polluted water, and pathogenic microorganisms multiply, making chickens more susceptible to intestinal diseases during the summer. Jiangsu chicken trough manufacturers pointed out that if this is the reason, the use of antibiotics for diarrhea in chickens will improve, but it will recur immediately after drug withdrawal.

7. Extensive biogenic amines in feed.

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